Songwriter Yoko Aki Speaks at TUFS Library Public Lecture

January 31, 2018

published January 31, 2018

On Wednesday the 6th of December, TUFS invited songwriter and producer Yoko Aki to give a lecture titled 'Crafting Lyrics' as the guest lecturer for the 2017 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library Public Lecture.
The lecture focused on Ms. Aki's thoughts on being the writer of many artists' songs, and the importance of lyrics.
The lecture was held in AGORA Global's Prometheus Hall, and there were many attendees, including neighborhood locals.
The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library Public Lecture has been held as one of the library's open to the public events since 2000, and TUFS intends to continue holding this event every year.

The guest lecturer, Ms. Yoko Aki

The host of the lecture, Director of the Library Professor Sukero Ito and Ms. Aki

Ms. Aki discussing the importance of lyrics

Many members of the general public attended

A post-lecture commemorative photograph with President Tateishi and Professor Ito