TAC Faculty Exchange Gathering held at TKU

January 30, 2018

On Thursday the 30 th of November, the 17 th Tama Academic Consortium (TAC) Faculty Exchange Gathering was held at the Tokyo Keizai University (TKU) Kokubunji campus.
The TAC Staff Development Workshop had each university give a presentation to the theme of 'Regional Cooperation,' in which the current status of regional relations at each university, and the subjects and issues that each university is dealing with, were shared. Mr. Kota Kumaki (TUFS General Affairs Division, Special Administrative Staff) gave a presentation on 'Regional Cooperation at TUFS.'
At the TAC faculty exchange gathering following the workshop, faculty from each university discussed the current statuses and issues of their universities, and it was confirmed that TUFS can continue to deepen its ties with TAC.

The Tama Academic Consortium is composed of six universities: International Christian University, Kunitachi College of Music, Musashino Art University, Tokyo Keizai University, Tsuda University, and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. In addition to establishing a credit interchange system and a shared library system, TAC has established four sectional meetings in which information concerning educational exchanges, libraries, public relations, and planning and coordination can be exchanged.

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