Teachers from Malaysian Islamic Schools Visit TUFS

February 15, 2018

On Thursday the 8th of February, 10 teachers from various Islamic schools in Malaysia visited TUFS and participated in an academic cultural exchange meeting. From TUFS, this meeting was attended by Professor Toru Aoyama, Head of the Institute of Global Studies, Malaysian language professors and students studying Malaysian. This visit was held as part of the ‘Intercultural Interaction with Malaysian Teachers’ (promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), a project which invites teachers from Islamic schools to various regions of Japan, and aims to promote interaction and mutual understanding between the education fields of Japan and Malaysia. This is the second time the teachers visited TUFS following their previous visit last year.

After the opening addresses from Prof. Dr. Mohd Kamarulnizam Abdullah from Universiti Utara Malaysia and Professor Aoyama, gifts were exchanged, and then a presentation on ‘The Concept of Islamic Education and Example of School Life In Islamic School’ was given by Ustazah Noriah Haron, principal of the Islamic middle school Sekolah Menengah Agama Khairiah (SMA Khairiah). From TUFS, an introduction to the TUFS Malaysian Language Studies Course was given by Associate Professor Mr. Naoki Soda (Institute of Global Studies, Malaysian political sociology history specialist), and performances of Malaysian poems and songs were given by TUFS students who volunteered. All of the participants listened to each other’s presentations eagerly.

Exchanging of Gifts
Left: Prof. Dr. Mohd Kamarulnizam Abdullah, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Right: Professor Toru Aoyama, Head of the Institute of Global Studies

Ustazah Noriah Haron
A presentation from the Principal of SMA Khairiah

TUFS students singing a song in Malaysian

An introduction to the Malaysian Language Studies Course at TUFS,
given by Associate Professor Naoki Soda