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The Yale romanization system is used in transcribing Korean (Hankul).

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Noma(1988) "Hakeyssta": A Study of Mood Forms in Modern Korean download: pdf file 2.67MB (Japanese)
Noma(1990a) "Halkesita": A Further Study on Mood Forms in Modern Korean   download: pdf file 2.72MB (Japanese)
Noma(1990b) The Classification of Nouns in Modern Korean download: pdf file 2.10MB
Noma(1990c) Onomatopoeia in the Modern Korean Language   download: pdf file 947 KB (Japanese)
Noma(1993a) Syntax: Accusative and Verbs in Korean    download: pdf file 4.69 MB
Noma(1993b) On the Converbal Ending "-taka" in Modern Korean: Aspect, Taxis and Verb Classification
Noma(1994) Methodology of Word Classification in Korean
Noma(1996a) Appropriate Materials for Korean Language Learning in the Case of Learners with Japanese as L1.  see HTML
Noma(1996b) The Hierarchy of Sentences in the Korean language    download: pdf file 4.42MB (Korean)
Noma(1996c) Speech Levels in Contemporary Korean
Noma(1996d) Studies of Korean Grammar and Lexicology in Japan since 1980: Development of Linguistic-factism
Noma(1997a) The Structure of the Adnominal Clause in Korean and Japanese
Noma(1997b) On the Structure of Sentences in Korean

Noma(2002b) For the Development of the Word-Combination (or slovosochetanie) Theory in Korean    download: pdf file 1.18 MB (Korean)

Noma(2003) Korean Language Education in Japanese Graduate Schools download: pdf file 854KB


Noma(2005a)eKoreanf Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Ed. Philipp Strazny. New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2005. 2 volumes. (ISBN: 1-57958-391-1.)


Noma(2005b) When Words Form Sentences; Linguistic Field Theory: From Morphology through Morpho-Syntax to Supra-Morpho-Syntax. "Corpus-Based Approaches to Sentence Structures." Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics 2. Edited by Toshihiro Takagaki, Susumu Zaima, Yoichiro Tsuruga, Francisco Moreno-Fernández and Yuji Kawaguchi .  pp.51-75. John Benjamins.  90 272 3314 4.


Noma(2005c) Contemporary Korean Grammar Studies in Korea and Japan. "Nihongogaku (Japanese Linguistics)" July, 2005. vol.24. no.8. pp.16-31. Tokyo: Meijshoin


Noma, H. & Nakajima, H.(2005d) e'irbon'e hangug'e gio'iug'   "hangug'e gio'iugron3". gugjeihangug'egio'iughaghoi (ed.)Dpp.195-221. Seoul: Hangugmunhoasa


Noma, H. & Nakajima, H.(2005e) e'irbon'e hangug'e giojei'   "hangug'e gio'iugron1". gugjeihangug'egio'iughaghoi (ed.)Dpp.263-298. Seoul: Hangugmunhoasa


Noma(2006a)  'dan'ega munjang'i doir ddai: 'en'ejang 'iron -- hiengtairon'eise tongsaron'yro, gyrigo cohiengtaitongsaron'yro. "Whither Morphology in the New Millennium? 21seigi hiengtairon 'ediro ganynga" pp.89-121. Youn-Kun Ko, et al. (ed.)  Seoul: Pagijong Press. April 25, 2006.


Noma(2006b) 'hiendaihangug'e 'iong'en'yi bunsegjeg'in hiengtai'ei daihaie' (On analytic forms in Korean.) "Whither Morphology in the New Millennium? 21seigi hiengtairon 'ediro ganynga" pp.297-318. Youn-Kun Ko, et al. (ed.)  Seoul: Pagijong Press. April 25, 2006.


Noma, H. & Kim Jina(2006) 'The Televised "Korean Course" Program on the Japanese Public Broadcasting Station NHK.' "Journal of Korean Language Education" 17-2. pp.95-134. Seoul: The International Association for Korean Language Education.


Noma (2006c)'Politeness Marker -yo/-iyo in the Korean Language' Chosen Gakuho. 199-200. pp.37-81. Tenri: The Academic Association of Koreanology in Japan (Chosen Gakkai).

Noma (2007a) 'What is the Reason for Learning Language?' in Noma (ed).(2007)
Noma & Nakajima (2007) 'The History of Korean Language Education in Japan' in Noma (ed.)(2007)
Noma (2007b) 'The Approach from Phonetics' in Noma (ed.)(2007)
Noma (2007c) 'The Approach from Phonology' in Noma (ed.)(2007)
Noma (2007d) 'The Approach from Morphophonology' in Noma (ed.)(2007)
Noma (2007e) 'On Korean Verbs' in Noma (ed.)(2007)
Noma (2008a) 'On Ontology of Language 1, 2' in Noma (ed.)(2008)
Noma (2008b) 'References of the Study of the Contemporary Korean Language' in Noma (ed.)(2008)
Noma (2008c) 'What are the Reasons for Learning Language? -- The Perspective of Korean Language Education


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BOOKS (See Japanese version)

Noma(1988) KIL: Tyoosengo-eno Miti (A Way to the Korean language) (Korean textbook)
Kanno et al. (1987) Tyoosengo-wo Manaboo (Let's Learn Korean) (Korean textbook)
Kanno et al. (1988) COSMOS Tyoo-Wa Ziten (Cosmos Korean-Japanese Dictionary)
Tokyo: hakusuisya. ISBN 4-560- 00097-2
Noma (1999) Kurasi-no Tangosyuu Kankokugo (Korean Basic Vocabulary)
Tokyo: Natumesya ISBN 4-8163-2551-4
Noma (2000;2002) Sihuku-no Tyoosengo ("felicity" Korean: Korean textbook)
Tokyo: Ashahi Syuppansya ISBN 4-255-00026-3

Noma (2002) Hankuke Ehwiwa Munpepuy Sangkwankuco (Korean: Correlative Construction of Vocabulary and Grammar), Seoul: Thayhaksa ISBN 89-7626-742-7


Noma, H., Murata Hiroshi, Kim Jina (2004a) Puti Kankokugo ("Petit" Korean), Tokyo: Asahi Syuppansya

Noma, H., Kim Jina (2004b) Viva! Tyuukyuu Kankokugo ("Viva!" Korean), Tokyo: Asahi Syuppansya
Noma, H. (2007a) Zetumyoo-no Hanguru, Tokyo: NHK syuppan
ISBN 978-4-14-039452-6
Noma, H., Murata Hiroshi., Kim Jina. (2007) Habatake! Kankokugo, Tokyo: Asahi Syuppansya
ISBN 978-4-255-55604-8
Noma, H. (2007b) Sin Sihuku-no Tyoosengo, Tokyo: Asahi Syppansya
ISBN 978-4-255-00389-4
Noma, H., Kim Jina (2007) New Express Kankokugo ("New Express" The Korean Language), Tokyo: Hakusuisya
ISBN 978-4-560-06782-6
Noma, H. (ed.) (2007-2008) Kankokugo Kyooikuron Kooza vol. 1 - 4 (Korean Language Education and Korean Lingustics vol. 1 - 4), Tokyo: Kurosio Syppansya
ISBN 978-4-87424-374-9 , ISBN 978-4-87424-410-4



The Society for Korean Linguistics in Japan
(Tyoosengo Kenkyuukai) (Japanese)
Hideki Noma
Former Professor of Korean Linguistics

Graduate School
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
(Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku)
3-11-1 Asahi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8534, JAPAN
E-Mail : noma 


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