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[Photo Report] By Naosuke from University of Pretoria (South Africa) 3

Here is a photo report from Naosuke Tanaka who is studying at University of Pretoria (South Africa) from July 2022.

Victoria Falls

I went to Victoria Falls and around the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. From OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg to the airport around Victoria falls, it takes us about 2 hours. Around Victoria falls, everything was super expensive, people there use USD, so it seems more expensive to me. Of course, restaurants there also was expensive, so we decided to make food ourselves, like sandwiches and pastas. Our travel group was very international, from France, Netherland, Austria, US, and Italy.

One big surprising for me was the name Tanaka was popular among people from Zimbabwe. According to the language as Shona mainly spoken in Zimbabwe, Tanaka means happiness. I met 3 Tanakas for 3 days. Since my name is Tanaka, a lot of people are surprised to know that the name Tanaka is popular in Japan as well. As soon as they know my name is Tanaka, they become more friendly and welcome us with warm heart.



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