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The Health Care Center is an open facility for all students.
Needless to say, the Health Care Center is for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and foreign students - and we make efforts so that the center can be quick and easy to use.

We are a primary care center

When you sustain an injury, or suffer from an illness, you can consult with our medical staff. The medical staff will assist you with medical care, can provide short-term medication for acute illnesses, and, if necessary, the staff can introduce you to other medical facilities. We use electronic medical records and a medical examination database. These are effective for our medical activities.

We are a health promotion center

For the purpose of early detection and early treatment of illnesses, we hold various medical examinations. Through these we promote awareness of students’ physical and mental health. We support health learning, and rational action and lifestyle change based on objective evaluation.

We are a mental health care center

Concerning mental health, we promote prevention and early detection of mental illnesses. In addition, we can provide students with a counselor, and we can refer students to other, more specialized medical institutions.

We are a health information center

Through lectures by our doctors and counselors, and the Health Care Center pamphlets, we provide information on health and updates in the medical field. The alcohol patch test is one part of our health information activities.

We provide health support to international students

A large number of international exchange students attend this university. Because these students are studying in an unfamiliar environment with a very different cultural and medical background to their own, it is important for us to provide them with the health support they need.

We issue medical certificates

We can issue official medical examination certificates, which are needed for job hunting and scholarships.

We are a healing space

The health care center has an open-plan design. The entire building is designed as a healing space, an environment suitable for promotion of primary health care and mental health care.

Basic policy about the medication

1. For acute illnesses, we provide medication on a short term basis as needed. We cannot provide medication for chronic illnesses.

2. Prescriptions can only be given by a doctor. If the doctor is absent, we cannot administer medication, as it is illegal for our nurses to do so.

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