International symposium "Constructing a new concept of European history from historical experiences of borderlands"

13:00-18:00, Friday,25th March 2016

Date/Time 25th March 2016 (Fri.) 13:00 - 18:00
Venue Large Conference room
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fuchu-campus
Program 13:00-13:10
Opening remarks: Taku Shinohara (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Part 1. Liberalism reconsidered in the European modernity
1. Balazs Trencsenyi (Central European University, Budapest)
Corsi e Ricorsi: Towards a transnational history of liberalism in East Central Europe 2. Łukasz Galusek (International Cultural Center, Krakow)
Skopje - An unifished City
3. Taku Shinohara (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Liberalism in German historiography in Bohemia
Discussant: Yukiko Tatsumi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

2. Cultural heritage and historical consciousness in Europe
1. Michał Wiśniewski (International Cultural Center, Krakow)
The Armenian Cathedral in Lviv. Clash of cultures and religions
2. Monika Rydiger (International Cultural Center, Krakow)
Reconsidering history. Collective and personal memory in Polish contemporary art Discussant: Akiko Kasuya (Kyoto City University of Arts)

3. Reconstructed urban landscape and reframed historical narrative
Barbara Törnquist-Plewa (University of Lund, Sweden)
Remembering ethnic cleansing and lost cultural diversity in today’s Central and Eastern European cities: Local memories under the influence of Europeanization and globalization Eleonora Narvselius,(University of Lund, Sweden)
Collective memories, historical narration and virtualization of the dissonant German heritage in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Discussant: Jun Yoshioka (Tsuda College)
Language English
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