Welcome to Peace and Conflict Studies at TUFS!

Introduction to the Program

Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) is an interdisciplinary research and study program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Launched in 2004 as the univesity's first degree program conducted primarily in English, PCS offers graduate level research opportunities and practical training for students from around the world.

The program aims to help fulfill the recognized need in many parts of the world for professionals with expertise on topics related to peace and conflict, violence, development, and other areas of international affairs. Each year a small but diverse group of individuals with a strong interest in learning to critically examine and formulate effective responses to issues of peace and conflict come to PCS to pursue a Concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies within the university's Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs.

Whether you are a prospective student, a scholar or researcher of Peace and Conflict Studies or a related field, or a concerned member of the public, please explore our website to learn more!

We are also proud to announce that "PCS Course to Foster Professionals for Post-conflict Peacebuilding" within this Peace and Conflict Studies Course has again been designated as "International Priority Graduate Program" (PGP) under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for international students from conflict-affected countries worldwide. There will be a preferential allocation of the Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship for those entering our MA program from October 2023 (3 students per year for the next three years).