The People at PCS

Valuing Diversity

The PCS community is made up of a small but very diverse group of TUFS faculty, staff, students, and alumni. PCS professors, many of whom have studied and worked abroad in various capacities, specialize in a wide range of topics, geographic areas, and languages. Other TUFS faculty who are involved in the department, as well as visiting professors and guest speakers, similarly have substantial foreign experience and bring new and valuable perspectives to the department. Pivotal to the functioning and management of the department are bilingual PCS Support Staff who serve as the main contact point for students on most non-academic issues.

Most importantly, our students come from a large variety of countries, with more than 25 nationalities represented in the just the first 4 years of the program (2004-2007). In line with the program's goals, quite a few of these students are from regions that are currently experiencing or have recently experienced violent conflict in some form or another. Students come to PCS to pursue their unique intellectual and professional interests. Once here, they study and research a broad assortment of themes, sometimes as a group and sometimes individually. The constant interaction with people from different backgrounds and perspectives that members of the PCS community experience is what may perhaps be the most valuable aspect of their time here.

Finally, while PCS is still a young program, we expect our Alumni to contribute significantly to the program in the future from their positions in academia, industry, and local and international organizations. Please explore more about the people at PCS by selecting from the menu on the right.

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