Researching Peace and Conflict

Research Themes and Activities

Peace and Conflict Studies is an extremely broad and inter-disciplinary field, with countless areas of focus. PCS faculty members are currently in the process of evaluating their own thematic interests and strengths, in order to develop a key set of research themes and related activities within the department. Please check back in the future for updates to this section.

Cooperation with Outside Organizations

As the department develops its research themes and activities, we are looking to expand our research cooperation and collaboration with researchers and organizations inside and outside of Japan. On the academic side, this will be particularly through our PCS Global Campus Program, as well as several new initiatives at TUFS such as the Office of International Academic Strategy and the International Consortium for Asian and African Studies. At the same time, we are hoping to develop relationships with other types of local and international organizations around the world that are involved in issues related to peace and conflict.


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