Academics at PCS

Degree and Non-Degree Programs

PCS is housed within the Graduate School of Global Studies at TUFS. The Graduate School offers Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees with Concentrations in various fields of study including Language and Culture Studies, Area and International Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Japan Studies. More about about these and other academic programs can be found in the Education Section of the main TUFS Website. Since 2004, through PCS the University has offered an English language based Concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies within its MA (International Studies) and PhD (Humanities) degree programs. Please select from the Menu on the right for detailed information on the PCS MA and PhD programs.


Academic Cooperation

The PCS department cooperates with other academic and research programs within TUFS and at other universities in Japan and abroad. For example, PCS students can enroll in many courses offered in the Graduate School by other departments, and many PCS courses are also cross-listed with other graduate programs allowing students in these programs to take PCS courses either as part of their course requirements or out of personal interest.

PCS students also have the option of enrolling in select courses offered at respected partner institutions in Tokyo such as the International Christian University (ICU) where they offer many courses held in English.

Finally, through the PCS Global Campus Program we are establishing new cooperative networks of academic organizations involved in training and research on peace and conflict related issues. Current initiatives are focused specifically on: jointly developing curriculum, online course using the video-teleconference system; organizing faculty and students exchanges, field research and practical experience for students, and international conferences and events; and, lastly, sharing knowledge and increasingly the visibility of peace and conflict related issues internationally.