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Wednesday December 13th, 2023 5:40p.m.~ 7:10p.m. (JST)

The 86th "Navigating Uncertainty: The Interplay of ‘Magical Football’ and ‘Football Magic’ in Cameroonian Football"

We will invite Dr. Hassan Yosimbom, Research Manager, Seminar and Workshop Coordinator, the Langaa RPCIG Cameroon, as a speaker at the 86th ASC Seminar. He currently stays in Japan as a visiting Associate Professor of Graduate School for Intercultural Studies, Kobe University. Cameroon national football team, Indomitable Lions, is renowned for their 'magical football', a term that embodies their extraordinary performances. The presentation reviews historical instances of the Lions' participation in the Africa Cup of Nations and FIFA World Cup competitions, analyzing how natural football abilities interweave with supernatural enhancement to influence game outcomes. This seminar is based on his recent publication with Prof. Kiyoshi Umeya, Kobe University: Navigating Uncertainty: The Interplay of 'Magical Football' and 'Football Magic' in Cameroonian Football. Anthropology Today 39(5): 23-27, 2023 ◆Speaker: Dr. Hassan Yosimbom (Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School for Intercultural Studies, Kobe University / Research Manager, Seminar and Workshop Coordinator, the Langaa RPCIG,Cameroon) ◆Short bio: Dr. Yosimbom is a Visiting Associate Professor at Kobe University, Japan. He has held postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Ghana (2019) and the University of Cape Town (2021-2022). He is research manager, seminar and workshop coordinator at the Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group (RPCIG), Cameroon. His most recent publication is Yearning for (Dis)connections: Fictions and Frictions of Coexistence in Postcolonial Cameroon (Langaa, 2023). His ongoing research draws on Africanaphilosophies to investigate how African literature, history, cultures and politics, epistemologies of the South and how they impact upon the processes of coloniality and decoloniality. ◆Title: Navigating Uncertainty: The Interplay of 'Magical Football' and 'Football Magic' in Cameroonian Football ◆Abstract: Cameroon's Indomitable Lions (a nickname for the Cameroon national football team) are renowned for their 'magical football', a term that embodies their extraordinary performances. This presentation delves into the intertwining concepts of 'magical football' and 'football magic', seeking to understand how these elements contribute to the Lions' success. The presentation reviews historical instances of the Lions' participation in the Africa Cup of Nations and FIFA World Cup competitions, analyzing how natural football abilities interweave with supernatural enhancement to influence game outcomes. The findings suggest that talent alone does not guarantee victory, and the uncertainty of elements beyond our rational comprehension can significantly impact the outcome of a football game/match. ◆Date & Time: December 13th 2023 (Wed) 17:40~19:10(JST) / 8:40~10:10(GMT) ◆Venue: 【Onsite】 Room104 at Research and Lecture Bldg., Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Access:3-11-1, Asahi-cho,Fuchu-shi, Tokyo) 【Online】 (Zoom Meeting) ◆Language: English ◆Admission: Free ※Pre-registration is required.→https://bit.ly/40SOvP6 Please scan the QR code or visit African Studies Center's HP for registration by Dec. 12th(Tue) 2023. The application will be closed as soon as the capacity reaches 30 for onsite and 300 for online. We will send the Zoom Meeting information to the registered email address by Dec. 13th, 2023 in the morning. ◆Jointly organized by : African Studies Center - TUFS and Kanto branch of Japan Association for African Studies, Research Institute for Promoting Intercultural Studies (Promis), Kobe University 【Report】 We held the 86th seminar in a hybrid style and 22 participated on-site and 24 participated online. Dr Hassan Yoshimbom gave his presentation on 'Navigating Uncertainty: The Interplay of 'Magical Football' and 'Football Magic' in Cameroonian Football', being followed by lively discussion among Japanese and African scholars and also students in TUFS.
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22 November 2023

Prof Shahid gave a lecture at Hiroshima University

On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Prof. Shahid gave a lecture at Hiroshima University.  The title of the presentation was "Transnational Migration and Entrepreneurship Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship and Xenophobia in South Africa." There were 11 participants (face-to-face only). After explaining the history of immigrants from various backgrounds in South Africa, he gave a presentation based on his fieldwork in Durban. There were lively questions from international students and researchers from Africa and Asia who are interested in immigration issues.
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December22nd,2023 5:40p.m.~7:30p.m.(JST)

「Africa! Now!」 will be held.

On Friday, December 22, as part of African Weeks, students of TUFS will hold an event called "Africa Now!" It is jointly planned by With Africa, a student organization within the Department of African Studies, and African students. If you are near us or interested, please join us! ◆Date:2023/12/22 (Fri.) 17:40~19:30(JST)◆Venue:TUFS Lecture Building Room 113(Access)※Only at Site◆Fee:Free (African Meal Party→500yen)◆Language:English◆Program:------------------------------------------------------------17:40  Opening and international student self-introductions17:50  Ice Break18:05  Africa! How Diverse!①Keynote speech (Africa overview)18:35  Africa! How Diverse! ②Group presentations by African students19:05  Africa! Live! (Jato @Cameroon)19:15  Dance! Now! (Rwanda)19:30  Closing/photoshoot19:50~ African Meal Party (@Tamariba)※Participating fee needed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-registration→:https://forms.gle/QAL5gJWjGSZ7qVx47 ◆Hosted:AfricanWeeks2023, With Africa&African Students ◆Jointly hosted by:African Studies Center-TUFS, Inter-University Exchange Project (Africa)-TUFS Contact:AfricanWeeks2023 Email: africanweeks.2023.tufs@gmail.com
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TUFS学生による『Africa! Now!』が開催されます
November 21,2023 3:00~5:00p.m.(JST)

The19th KU-TUFS & The115th KUASS・Prof.Shahid give a lecture at University of Kyoto

Prof. Shahid, Invited Professor, will give a lecture on "World Heritage and the Politics of Mutuality and Inclusion" at Kyoto University on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, from 15:00 to 17:00p.m.(JST) ◆Venue:Hybrid Meeting On Site+ Zoom (Online) Small Conference RoomⅡ 3F, Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, Kyoto University(Access) ◆Pre-register here -> https://bit.ly/46hI217  Please join us. ◆#115th KUAS (Kyoto University African Studies) Seminar◆#19th KU (Kyoto University)-TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Seminar Report There were 13 participants (8 in person and 3 online).Kyoto University graduate students and researchers actively asked questions.
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第19回 KU-TUFS & 第115回 KUASS・京都大学にてシャヒード教授が講演します

Letter from Amissi

15 Feb 2024
We have received a letter from Ms. Christel Amissi Nababuya, an exchange student who returned to Rwanda in July 2023, on her experience of studying at our university and afterwards.We are happy to hear that she was able to interact with Japanese students and enjoy Japanese culture during her stay. Here is the letter from Amissi. 【Click here to view the letter PDF】 15th Feb 2024 Ohayo Gozaimasu! I am so amazed to share with you my words of gratitude towards Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for the amazing opportunity of exchange program that been so relevant to me in so many different ways, my gratitude goes to African Studies Center for the amazing support that has been given to me and my other colleagues during my stay in Japan; my sincere gratitude goes to all the sponsor for their wonderful support during my life in Japan. Earlier before leaving Japan, it was in July 2023, the team of Exchange Division Program organized a farewell party for all the international students who successfully enjoyed their stay in Japan; it was an amazing opportunity for me to present a two minutes speech in Japanese. I am also grateful to my Japanese friend Ayumi Kato who was so supportive helping me to proofread the speech attached below: わたしはコンゴ民主共和国(みんしゅきょうわこく)から参(まい)りました、Amissi Nababuya Christelle です。 わたしは2022年(にせんにじゅうにねん)9 月(くがつ)に日本(にほん)にきて、今(いま)は 10 ヶ月(じゅっかげつ)たちました。まず、東京外大(とうきょうがいだい)での学(まな)びは、勉強的(べんきょうてき)にも、社会的(しゃかいてき)にも、文化的(ぶんかてき)にも、わたしにとって素晴(すば)らしい経験(けいけん)でした。 わたしたちは、大学(だいがく)のサポートをいただき、ちがう backgroundを持(も)つ人(ひと)と出会(であ)いました。わたしは楽(たの)しい日本語(にほんご)のクラスにでました。日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)して、コミュニケーションを通(とお)して日本文化(にほんぶんか)にとけ込(こ)みました。そしてわたしはラーメン、すし、たこやき...がだいすきです。わたしは旅行(りょこう)して平和(へいわ)な場所(ばしょ)を楽(たの)しみました。日本(にほん)にきて、すばらしい経験(けいけん)をしました。ありがとう! Thank you so much for the valuable and unforgettable moment that we spent together in Japan. Life after TUFS After TUFS, life has been so amazing; despite missing Japan, I am so grateful to have other friends who are Japanese exchange students studying at PIASS. On 30th August,2023, we had good discussion with eight students from TUFS in African Area Studies and PIASS students on a topic concerning the comparison of postwar/post genocide reconstruction in Japan and Rwanda, we shared also on what Japan and Rwanda have in common in building peace and some challenges that they are both facing. We also had calligraphy,writing names in kanji and we had some Japanese craft paper. It was crucial moment that reinforced the relationships between TUFS and PIASS students. We expect for many more joint activities in the near future. Arigatou! we are PIASS, we are TUFS! PEACE IS OUR CULTURE! Amissi Nababuya Christelle
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Prof.Shahid has returned to South Africa

January 17, 2024
Prof.Shahid Vawda, who stayed at TUFS as a visiting professor in the fall semester of the 2023 academic year, has returned to South Africa after completing his term. He gave very interesting lectures in the classes. In addition to lectures at TUFS, he also gave talks at ASC seminar, at other universities, and to a class of first and second year Africa majors. We look forward to seeing you again in Japan! ※Jan15,2024 Photo taken ※Jan17,2024 Photo taken

Prof Shahid visited National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

27 November 2023
Professor Shahid Vawda visited the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) in Osaka on November 27, 2023. Guided by Professor Kazunobu Ikeya, the visit included insights into Minpaku's editorial office, storage room, and exhibition space. This marked it was the first visit from South Africa to Minpaku, and we hope it fosters connections between Japan and South Africa. Gratitude to Professor Ikeya and Minpaku for their warm welcome. This collaboration strengthens ties for future academic pursuits.

Message for my supporters from Julia

26 September 2023 ~ 29 February 2024
【2023.9.25~ 2024.2.29】 My name is Julia Visser, and I'm a student from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I belong to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and am currently studying towards a degree in Humanities with majors in Geography, English Studies and Visual Studies.Although I reside in a European-styled University town in the Western Cape; I'm originally from a very different but beautiful part of South Africa. I grew up largely amidst the plantations of Mpumalanga province in the northeast of the country, between small towns. In fact, for the most part, I was always within a 20-minute drive from the Kruger National Park!Studying at Stellenbosch University has been a considerable feat, but coming to the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, is a lifelong dream come true! I plan to learn more about Japanese arts, culture and society, and certainly improve my Japanese language skills. I am eager to explore Japan's innovative systems of sustainability, and how knowledge may be interchanged within Japan-Africa relations. Venturing around the metropolis of Tokyo is exhilarating, yet I hope to visit rural spaces and areas of cultural significance during my stay here.I want to express my sincerest gratitude to the TUFS IAfP office for supporting me on my journey here, and SU International for nominating me for our pioneer inter-university exchange. Thank you kindly to The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation for your generous support in allowing me to live and study in Japan, as well as valuable cultural insights shared.
Exchange Students