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29 Ways to Travel Back to Japan

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Newsletter (PDF)

  • Vol.23 October 2018

  • Vol.22 April 2018

  • Vol.21 October 2017

  • Vol.20 April 2017

  • Vol.19 October 2016

Journal for Japanese Studies

"Journal for Japanese Studies" International Center for Japanese Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(ISSN 2186-0777)

  • Call for papers and the information"Journal for Japanese Studies"The Journal of the International Center for Japanese Studies

  • Vol.08 March 2018

  • Vol.07 March 2017

Project Proceedings

Vol.01 March 2014 (2010-2012)

Japanese Education Research based on Learners' Mother Tongues and Regional Differences
(ISSN 2188-5087)
Proceedings of the Three-Year-Project;
Joint Research with Domestic and Overseas Japanese Education Research Organizations (2010-2012)

Vol.02 March 2016 (2013-2015)

Japanese Language Research and Construction of Web Dictionary Based
on Learners' Native Languages and Regional Characteristics (ISSN 2188-5087)
Proceedings Vol.2, the Three-Year-Project;
In Cooperation with Educational and Research Institutes Offering Japanese Language Study
both within Japan and Abroad. (2013-2015)

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