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Activity Reports

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Summer Seminar 2017 "Language, Literature, History: Constructive Approach to International Japanese Studies" Report(12-14 July 2017)

From Wednesday the 12th of July until Friday the 14th of July, the 2017 International Center for Japanese Studies (ICJS) Summer Seminar, 'Language, Culture, Society: Ventures in International Japanese Research,' was held. This year's seminar marks th…

Fieldwork Report

The International Center for Japanese Studies conducts the examination, fieldwork on current issues in education and research concerning Japanese Studies at overseas institutions.

List of examination and report(Individual report can be downloaded by clicking on each item.)


Indonesia (15-16 March 2017, State University of Surabaya, Airlangga University) FURIHATA Masashi

Vietnam(16-17 February 2017, Da Lat University, Da Lat Yesin University) NOHIRA Munehiro, Comparative Japanese Culture Division

Hong Kong(19th, 21st of November 2016, Center for Language Education at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)Suzuki Tomomi, International Japanese Education Division

Australia(26-28 July 2016, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, La trobe University), OTANI Naoki, Comparative Language Division

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