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[Photo Report] By Naosuke from University of Pretoria (South Africa) 1

Here is a photo report from Naosuke Tanaka who is studying at University of Pretoria (South Africa) from July 2022.

International Day

I am Naosuke Tanaka studying in UP. I am going to write about an event mainly for exchange students in UP. Every October, there is an event called International Day in UP. The main purpose of International Day is to spread each country’s culture to South Africans students. In this event, every exchange student performs on the stage or sets stall to show their cultures. This year, exchange students participated from approximately 20 countries. To me, this event seems like GAIGOSAI in TUFS.


In the Japanese stall, people can write their name in Japanese with shuji equipment. It was about 300 students visited the Japanese stall. It was super busy, and everybody enjoyed it.


On the stage, I did kendama performance in front of 500 students.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any prize but picture of me is on UP’s Instagram which made me quite happy. Through this event, I had a great experience that I can’t do in Japan and I made many friends.

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