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[Report] Experience Hiroshima Online (22nd March 2022)

Experience Hiroshima Online

Hiroshima online tour took place on Friday, 22nd March 2022 in cooperation with Peace Culture Village (NPO).

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16:00-16:55 Part 1  Peace Culture Orientation / The Lecture from the Atomic Bomb Survivor
17:05-17:50  Part 2  Q&A with the Atomic Bomb Survivor
18:00-18:50 Part 3  About Our Future

The tour consisted of three parts. In the first and third sessions, group work was conducted using Zoom breakout sessions, and opinions were actively exchanged under the lead of PCV facilitators from Mexico, the US, the UK, and Japan. Through the group work, students from different backgrounds were able to exchange a variety of opinions, and the lessons learned were valuable.

Among the participants from Africa, there were many students who heard the testimony directly from atomic bomb survivor and asked questions directly for the first time, and they said it was shocking and touching. There was also a strong message to the younger generation from the atomic bomb survivor, concerning the current world situation.

There were many participants studying peacebuilding in Rwanda, and some of them said, “I’m really happy that I got to know more about Hiroshima’s story which added more on my understanding of how people are able to move from the darkness and create the light of peace together, they heal together and grow together for a better future” and others said, “we are the one who are being trained for war and at the same time for peace apparently, so, let’s think about this carefully and choose the path of peace”.

As in the previous year, it was an important opportunity for participants to learn and think about peace. Thank you to all the participants and PCV.

participants:28  (PIASS 18, Univerisy of Zambia 2, University of Pretoria 1, TUFS 7)

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