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[Report] A TUFS student has started the exchange program at PIASS (Rwanda)

Mr. Hidetora Miyata, a student of the French major at TUFS, started an exchange program at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences in Rwanda on September 28. He will stay in Rwanda for about one year.
Here is a message from Hidetora after his arrival in Rwanda.

Message from Hidetora

Hello. My name is Hidetora Miyata. I am a third year student in the school of international and area studies. I am currently on a study abroad program at a university in Rwanda, a country located in Africa. There, I will learn about peace-building and conflict.
In the faculty I belong, many refugees from other african countries exist. Interacting and studying with those students, I would like to improve my ability to invent realistic and effective way to solve conflicts.
Furthermore, while my stay, I would like to consider what I should do for Africa in the future through internship and interaction with local people.
Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the Inter-University Exchange Project for their support in helping me to make this study abroad possible.

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