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[Report] Experience Hiroshima Online (5th March 2021)

Online Tours

We conducted three online tours with the aim of deepening international students’ understandings of Japan and providing opportunities for exchange between international students and TUFS students.

A working group was organized by three volunteer students (Two fourth-year students majoring in Africa and one first-year student of Graduate School of International Studies) and the project coordinator. This working group examined the contents of the tours and what we can discuss after the tours. The three students played a central role in the discussions on the day.

Based on international students’ requests, we have conducted online tours of Okinawa, meditation, and Hiroshima.

Experience Hiroshima Online

Hiroshima online tour took place on Friday, 5th March 2021 in cooperation with Peace Culture Village (NPO).

Peace Culture Village:

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13:00-13:55 Part 1 About Hiroshima / About Peace Culture and War Culture / The Lecture from the Atomic Bomb Survivor
14:05-14:45 Part 2 Group Work: Discuss Questions for the Atomic Bomb Survivor/ Q&A with the Atomic Bomb Survivor
14:55-15:50 Part 3 Group Work: Sharing the Impressions / Q&A

This tour was held in three parts. Group work took place throughout the program and active discussions took place under the leadership of working group students and PCV facilitators. By sharing the impressions and opinions, we were able to deepen what we have realized on this tour. It was a valuable opportunity for students to hear the story directly from the atomic bomb survivor and ask questions. It was also an opportunity to connect with students’ own experiences and the situation in their home countries, and to get clues to think about their own future and the next steps toward peace.
Participants: 14

Experience Hiroshima Online[PDF]

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