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Services for International Students

Being an international student at TUFS means the opportunity to experience living independently in a foreign country and at the same time getting to know and actively explore Japan with a diverse group of other students. In addition, you will find many chances to interact and develop relationships with Japanese people of all ages, both on and off of campus.

Around Campus

Student life at TUFS centers around the new university campus that was built in year 2000. Located in a fast developing but quiet western suburb of Tokyo with access to several train and bus lines, the campus is surrounded by a wealth of greenery and nature including several large and beautiful parks, river areas, and many sports fields. Basic shopping such as convenience stores, small supermarkets, and several restaurants are within walking distance. The campus is also close to Ajinomoto Stadium where many sporting events and concerts take place, the campuses of International Christian University and Hitotsubashi University, the Jindaiji Temple and Botanical Garden area, as well as popular shopping and recreation centers like Kichijoji and Chofu. Shinjuku (the busiest station in Tokyo) is also only about 30 minutes away by train.

On-campus facilities include the Administration offices, Health Care Center, Library, Research and Lecture building, the Japanese Language Center for International Students (JLC), Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), University Hall with two cafeterias offering good-quality low-cost meals and a student store, a five story Gymnasium with Music Rooms and rooms for extracurricular club activities and offices, sports fields, tennis courts, and the TUFS International Residences. A Main Auditorium and several new buildings are also planned for the future.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular clubs and sports teams form an integral part of TUFS student life. International students are welcome to participate in any of the 80-plus organizations from orchestra, drama, photography, tea ceremony, and calligraphy, to traditional Japanese archery, Judo, Kendo, Frisbee, Rugby, and Cheerleading, and in fact many past and current international students have done so. Joining a club or a sports team is one of the best ways to to explore Japanese traditional culture and arts, as well as to meet and get to know Japanese students.

There are also frequent on-campus events such as special lectures by outside guests and academic conference, movie showings, and the yearly university festival where undergraduate students present the culture, arts, and foods of many countries. International students are encouraged to contribute to the campus life and community at TUFS by planning and organizing other types of events and activities.

Living in Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan with a population of more than 12 million. It is the cultural, economic, political and educational center of Japan, with many famous attractions, key historic sights, and entertainment centers scattered throughout the city. Tokyo is also a world capital for arts and international cuisine, with all areas of the city easily accessible through safe, public transportation. This part of Japan has four beautiful, pronounced seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring and fall bring pleasant weather with mild temperatures and beautiful flowers and foliage. In summer, however, the temperature may go up to mid-thirties degree centigrade and humidity is very high. August is the hottest month of the year. Winter is cold but not severe, with only a few days of snow. The average low temperature is above zero degrees even in the coldest month of February.

Most of Japan is in fact easily accessible through the extensive train and air travel systems here. International students are greatly encouraged to explore Tokyo and other parts of Japan to augment their experience at TUFS. By traveling domestically around Japan, seeing how Japanese live today, and encountering historic and cultural sights, students can better understand Japanese life and culture in the past and present. Several trips inside and outside of Tokyo are planned by the Student Exchange Division specifically for international students. Many students also spend weekends and holidays traveling to different parts of Tokyo, Japan, and even to different countries in East Asia and the Pacific while they are on this side of the world.

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