The TUFS International Residences

The dormitories include single rooms as well as several couple and family rooms. Each room comes furnished with a single bed, a desk with drawers, a desk chair and desk lamp, bookshelves, and storage space for food, clothing, and shoes. Each room also has a small kitchen area with a stove, refrigerator, and sink, and ports for telephone and internet (ethernet) connection and Wifi. Other appliances include several lighting fixtures, an air filter, and an air conditioner/heater. Family rooms come with several other pieces of furniture.

In addition, all rooms have a balcony area which can be used for hanging clothes accessible via a sliding door (for which we provide curtains). Finally, some rooms are equipped with a private bathroom that includes a shower/bath, sink, and toilet. Residents in other rooms have a private sink and toilet, but must share shower rooms with several neighbors (separate for males and females). Both dormitories have coin-operated laundry facilities (washers and dryers).

Other common areas and rooms include a large Shared Kitchen, Television Lounge, Music/Piano Room, Japanese Style Room for cultural activities and events, Study Room equipped with computers and desks, and a recreational area with table tennis and other equipment.

TUFS dormitories have the tutor system. Tutors are regular students from TUFS who reside in the dormitories to provide assistance to residents, and to deal with any emergencies. One Tutor is on call each day and night.

Students must pay for utility services such as electricity and water. Students who maintain a telephone line in their room will also have to pay the requisite costs, but most international students opt for a mobile phone. The university does not currently offer any sort of meal plan. However, the on-campus cafeterias offer good meals at low costs, and students can prepare meals by themselves using the kitchen facilities in the Residences.

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Please submit below “NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL” to the Student Exchange Division by one month before the date of leaving.
If you want to know more details, please also check “PREPARING TO MOVE OUT”

Activities of International Residence

The Welcome Party at Residence No.3

Welcome Parties are held by tutors regularly.
At these parties, both international and Japanese students bring along traditional foods and snacks from their respective countries.
These parties are a good opportunity to promote friendship among the residents.

Housing information for International Students

If you plan to live off campus, kindly check the link below.
[Real estate company information for international students]

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