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The Japanese Language Program of TUFS

The Japanese language program of TUFS was established for the purpose of improving the Japanese ability of overseas students attending TUFS (this includes overseas research students who must first study Japanese in accordance with MEXT policy, overseas students who are in the short term exchange program known as ISEP-TUFS, those in the Japanese-language and Japanese-culture trainer programs, and research students in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs). Every year, approximately 200 overseas students form over 40 countries study in this program.

The spring semester classes in the this program begin in April, while the fall semester classes begin in October. Classes run for 15 weeks in each semester; to meet the diverse levels of Japansese language ability and needs of the students, we have set up seven levels of classes, from "beginner"to "advanced". Students can take between 1 to 10 classes on the level that suits their own individual needs.

Policies & Procedures for TUFS International Students

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