(Notice) Venue and Start time of Diploma and Graduation Ceremony 26/03/2018

Monday , 26 March 2018

The 2017 graduation ceremony as well as the diploma ceremony will be carried out as follows.

Date and Time 26th March 2018(Monday)
Details Group 1  10:00 - 11:05 (Ending time is estimated)
(Doors open at 9:30)
Group 2  14:00 - 15:30(Ending time is estimated)
(Doors open at 13:30)
Venue Inside the Agora Global building "Prometheus Hall" at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

※Caution: the hall will operate on a swift change system between the first and second group.
Unfortunately, due to the limited capacity, accompanying guests will not be allowed into the hall. Instead, we have prepared room 101 in the Research and Lecture Building where you will be able to watch the ceremony on a monitor. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.