8th Homecoming Day and University Foundation Anniversary Ceremony Held on 29th October

On Saturday 29 th October 2016, with the purpose of the exchange between graduates, current students and teaching staff, the eighth homecoming and university foundation anniversary ceremony was held and was attended by around 200 people with connections to TUFS.
This year, the first half consisted of a report on the present situation at the University and lecture commemorating the establishment of the university entitled 'The History of Nisshin Dormitory' based on the university archives given by President Tateishi. In the second half was a special event entitled 'An Evening in Spain'. This event included a flamenco performance from the TUFS student flamenco club, which was followed by a guitar and singing performance given by special guests Tsubokawa Mariko (guitarist and 1995 TUFS graduate) and Terashima Yusako (soprano singer). As this year marks the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, there were also performances of peace-calling songs including 'Satoukibi no Hatake (Sugarcane Fields)' and 'El cant dels ocells (The Song of the Birds)'.

During the gathering that took place afterwards, the Gaigosai committee student members made an appeal to graduates for their collaboration, and there was a strong sense of team spirit.