Core Project "Pluralistic World Understanding based on African Studies" Open Meeting "African Animation: Challenge for The Expression"

17:45-20:00,Thursday,21st January 2016

Date/Time 21 January 2016 (Thu.) 17:45 - 20:00
Venue Room 304 (Multimedia Conference Room), ILCAA,
TUFS (Asahicho 3-11-1, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8534)
Outline Screen projection of short animation films series about wild animals and savanna, based on African folk tales, “The Hare and the Lion”, “Soamba, King of Savanna” , and a documentary film about plastic waste and environmental problem in Burkina Faso, “INVASION 01 Plastic waste”
Lecturer Claver YAMEOGO
´╝łAfricartoons Studio, Burkina Faso)
1) The Hare and The Lion (8’00)
2) Soamba, King of Savanna (10’00)
3) INVASION 01 Plastic waste (30’00)
Commentator Akira OKAZAKI (ILCAA Research Fellow)
Core Project “Pluralistic World Understanding based on African Studies”
Cooperated by Nonprofit Organization FENICS (PR)
Language: English
No pre-registration is needed.