Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk

14:00-16:10,Thursday,9th July 2015

The following speaker will give a talk at the next AA-Ken Forum meeting.
The details are as follows.

Date/Time 9 July 2015,14:00-16:10
Venue Multimedia Conference Room (Room304), 3F ILCAA
(Asahicho 3-11-1, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8534)
Details *14:00-15:00
Speaker:ZHU, Dongqin(ILCAA Visiting Professor)
Title: "The Status quo, Problems and Perspective of the Filipino-Chinese Associations"
Chairperson:TOKORO, Ikuya
Speaker:WORSLEY, Peter John(ILCAA Visiting Professor)
Title: "Fact or fiction? Magical Realism and Mpu Prapañca’s Fourteenth Century kakawin Deśawarņana"
Abstract: PDF
Chairperson:MIYAZAKI, Koji
Languages English
Admission Free