The 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences (2015)

Saturday, August 1st-Sunday, August 2nd,

Date/Time Saturday,August 1st,9:00-17:30
Sunday,August 2nd,9:00-17:10
Venue Main Conference Hall, 3F, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa , TUFS
Supported by 1. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Research and Educational Project “Educational advancement by the development of an e-learning system to enhance transparent and diversified learning”
2. National Taiwan Normal University/ Pennsylvania State University "The Advanced Center for the Study of Learning Sciences"
3. KAKEN(24320102) “多言語コーパスの構築と言語教育への応用可能性” (2012-2016)
4.KAKEN(15H03224) “アジア諸語の社会・文化的多様性を考慮した通言語的言語能力達成度評価法の総合的研究”(2015-2018)
5.KAKEN(25284101)" Construction of a Japanese-English-Chinese Online Error Corpus and development of English, Japanese and Chinese language pedagogy taking into account learners' native languages (2013-2015)"
6.International Japanese Education Division, International Center for Japanese Studies, TUFS.
Also supported by Obunsha


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