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Basic Policy Regarding Academic Support for Students with Disabilities

Previously at TUFS, according to guidance from disabled students (or their guardians), the wishes of disabled students and the equilibrium with other students have been comprehensively considered. Despite this, in view of the importance of the consideration towards disabled students, we have established the following support policy here at TUFS.

1. Objective

This basic policy is a fundamental principle to ensure that from an educational stand point a reasonable amount of consideration is taken regarding students with disabilities and to establish basic support where necessary.

2. Definition

The meaning and scope of terms are as follows.

The term “student” refers to anyone wishing to enter our school or any current students of our school (including research students, degree students, special auditing students, foreign exchange students, special research students and Japanese government scholarship students studying at the Japanese Language Center for International Students).

The term ”reasonable amount of consideration” refers to students with disabilities being able to exercise the right to equally receive education just like any other student. The university will carry out the necessary adjustments and changes so that disabled students’ individual needs are met in order for them to receive education without compromising the balance of the university system or creating an excessive financial burden.

The term ”student activity for reasonable consideration” refers to the participation in lectures, extra lessons and school events. However, this includes movement within the university, field work and training but consideration is not paid to students who are not directly involved with education.

3. Basics of consideration

(Insuring opportunity)

This consideration is conducted so that students with disabilities will not use their disability as a reason to stop progressing in their education and simultaneously, in order to maintain a high level of education where sophistication and professional competence can be fostered, in regards to admissions we provide a system that makes a decision fairly between disabled and non-disabled students based on ability and aptitude. In addition, we assess the characteristics of the disability upon admission and consider any measures that must be taken in order to ensure the student is able to equally participate.

(Publication of Information)

We will publicly announce information regarding the system and contents of the consideration and support to be provided as well as the policy for current students with disabilities and also disabled students who wish to continue their studies here at TUFS.

(Determination of Reasonable Consideration)

We intend to determine the level of consideration by wherever possible, aiming for mutual understanding between agreeing parties, not compromising the balance of the university system or creating an excessive financial burden all whilst respecting the needs and intentions of the individual student.

(Support System)

The University President will endeavor to preserve the specialist support system in use throughout the entirety of the university as well as the promotion of understanding for students and teaching staff and the promotion of awareness.

In regards to support, the department or teaching staff actually concerned with support will give adequate cooperation.

4. Related to Fundamental Matters

(Support Contents)

Based on this fundamental policy, we will separately establish the methods and contents of support. The following document must be referred to during the application of this fundamental policy.


(Application Management Department)

Matters concerning the application of this fundamental policy will come under the jurisdiction of the higher education support foundation.

(Reorganization of the Fundamental Policy)

A committee meeting will be held in the event the reorganization of the policy is required.