TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Projects Chosen for 2019

August 29, 2019

Since the 2019 academic year, TUFS has been running the “TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Project”, a project that aims to support the independent and creative multicultural coexistence-related activities of TUFS students. This project offers support to multicultural coexistence activities of TUFS students including local and international contribution activities, social exchange activities and societal improvement activities.

On Wednesday the 17th of July, the project’s second public presentation to the examination committee was held in AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall. At this presentation, six groups who passed the first round presented on their activities, after which one international cooperation project and two national cooperation projects, a total of three projects, were chosen to receive funding.

The chosen projects are as follows:

  • International Cooperation Project (funding limit: \500,000)
    ・Team Sachi, “Read Pakistani Stories Aloud in India” 
  • National Cooperation Project (funding limit: \200,000)
    ・Asia-Africa 5th Year Students, “Connect With the World Through Food!”
    ・TUFS Disaster Prevention Organization, “Disaster Prevention Countermeasures for the Safety of Everyone”

The progress of each project will be released on the official TUFS “Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Project” webpage (Japanese only).