Symposium for Joint Use of Educational Institutions Held at the TUFS Japanese Language Center for International Students (JLC)

March 16, 2015

On  February 27th, the symposium for the Joint Use of Educational Institutions took place at the TUFS Japanese Language Center of the International Students (JLC). The symposium focused on the use of centers for Japanese education, development of educational materials, and practical education.

Firstly, three participants gave their presentations: Kijima Hiromi (full-time lecturer of the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute), Hiromi Kondo (former Japanese Language adviser of Post-Primary Languages Initiative, Department of Education and Skills, Ireland), and Mika Suzuki (professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies).

After the presentations, a panel discussion took place and TUFS professor Yukio Tono participated as a commentator. Professor Tono has lead the development of CEFR-J, an adaptation of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) for specific English language teaching context in Japan.
Four attendees talked about advantages and disadvantages of adopting the Can-do lists in practical language education. TUFS president Yukio Tono participated in this discussion.