TUFS concludes exchange agreement with the Instituto Cervantes

November 11, 2013

On Wednesday, October 30, Director Antonio Gil de Carrasco and one colleague from the Instituto Cervantes de Tokio, and Minister-Counsellor Enrique Asorey Brey from the Spanish Embassy in Japan visited TUFS President Hirotaka Tateishi. They concluded an international academic exchange agreement between TUFS and the Instituto Cervantes.

The Instituto Cervantes is a cultural institute founded by the Spanish government in 1991. Its purpose is the promotion and education of the Spanish language, spread of the culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, support of scholars conducting studies related to Spanish-speaking countries, and promotion of cultural activities. Its headquarters is located in Madrid and Miguel de Cervantes's birthplace, Alcala de Henares, Comunidad de Madrid. It has more than 70 affiliates on 5 continents.

This is a milestone year marking the Four Hundredth Anniversary of Japan-Spain Relations since the dispatch of the Keicho Embassy in 1613. The two institutions agreed to promote further cooperation as the bridge between Japan and Spain through joint academic programs and information exchange about publications.