About the Program - Projects

The PCS Global Campus Program [GCP] mainly conducts the online lecture among member universities as the joint endeavor. The online lecture contains Advanced Course and Basic Course underpinned by the curriculum review and development faculty meeting. These are to be undertaken in order to pursue our objectives. The objectives would serve as practical guidelines for all of us when the formulation, development, and implementation of the GCP are set forth.


1. Promoting multilateral academic collaboration

Develop program curriculum together
Incorporate local perspectives into the curriculum and to trust building among participating faculties.
Deliver online classes via video conferencing systems (See Curriculum for details)
Enhance mutual understanding among participants with different backgrounds through interactive discussions.
Foster faculty exchanges
Improve the quality of instruction in faculties and encouraging joint research from diverse points of view.

2. Emphasizing the importance of field/practical experiences

Facilitate the advancement of field research
Increase the creditability and strength of the research by filling gaps between theory and practice based on fieldwork findings.

3. Sharing outcomes/knowledge/information

Establish systematic monitoring/assessment/improvement mechanisms
Construct a sustainable and transparent program.
Create online PCS database
Help interested groups/individuals search for PCS literatures.
Hold international conferences/workshops/symposia
Provide a place where concerned faculties & students can exchange and share knowledge/skill/information.
Afford chances that students can present their thoughts, perspectives, and analyses on the international stage.
Faculty meeting in 2014 01 Faculty meeting in 2014 02

(Faculty meeting in 2014)