About the Program - Curriculum

The PCS Global Campus Program [GCP] organizes a course through the delivery of online lectures mainly via videoconferencing systems. The course will be offered twice a year: spring semester (April to June) and fall semester (October and December).


The GCP online lecture course:
  1. Aims at graduate (master’s) level of students
  2. Confers a certificate of the program upon completion
  3. Employs English as a medium of instruction (all lectures, discussions, presentations, and papers are to be delivered in English)


An applicant for the course must:
  1. Hold a bachelor or equivalent degree
  2. Demonstrate satisfactory English language proficiency (listening, speaking, reading & writing)
  3. Have a keen interest in & a strong commitment to PCS research

For details of the application requirements & procedure, please contact a participating university in your locality.

Lecture Content

The GCP online lecture course requires the completion of two terms (basic and advanced).

  • 1 term contains 10 classes.
  • The length of a class is 90 minute.
  • Students are required to maintain an attendance rate of 80% at minimum.
  • Upon successful completion of the basic course, students are entitled to move up to the advanced course.

For details, please refer to the following table of lecture content and click here to see course syllabus.

Day I
(Class 1&2)
Understanding Peace & Conflict Political-economic Dynamics of Conflicts: Resource Distribution
Day II
(Class 3&4)
Conflict Resolution Strategy
(Top down)
Tools for Analyzing Conflicts
(Class 5&6)
Engaging Communities in Peacebuilding (Bottom up) Mediation and Negotiation
Day IV
(Class 7&8)
Justice and Reconciliation Intervention Techniques for Conflict Resolution
Day V
(Class 9&10)
Round-table Discussion How to Construct a Research Argument/Paper