Information about Hosted International Conferences and Research Achievements・主催国際会議情報・成果物

 Information about Hosted International Conferences  and Research Achievements





International Symposium on Diverse Approaches to Second Language Acquisition :Learner Corpora, Evaluation and Brain Sciences 2019 (SLA2019)

SLA2019 HOMEPAGE (presentation slides are available here)




○Reform in Foreign Language Teaching: International     Cooperation/High School-University Cooperation/ICT

  外国語教育の変革:国際連携・高大連携・ ICT 2017

  On July 16th 2017, we held the international workshop “Reform in Foreign Language Teaching: International Cooperation/High School-University Cooperation/ICT” at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, welcoming teachers from Nagano Prefectural Ueda Senior High School which is engaged in cooperation with TUFS as well as leading researchers in the fields of English-, Chinese- and Japanese-language education and education technology.

    2017年7月16日(日)、高大連携を結ぶ長野県上田高等学校の先生がたもお迎えし、英語教育・中国語教育・日本語教育、教育工学の第一線の研究者とともに、国際ワークショップ『外国語教育の変革:国際連携・高大連携・ ICT 2017』を東京外国語大学にて開催いたしました。

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A selection of presentation slides are available here.



Keiko Mochizuki, Ya-Ming Shen, Noboru Oyanagi, Haiting Wu, Zheng Zhang & Laurence Newbery-Payton
Characteristic errors made by Japanese learners of foreign languages: a corpus-based comparison of learners in Japan, China and Taiwan

Howard Hao-Jan Chen  陳 浩然(National Taiwan Normal University國立台灣師範大學)
Improve English Education in Taiwan by Using ICT and Corpora Resources


根岸 雅史(東京外国語大学)

Teaching to the test?: the impact of four-skills tests on English language teaching in Japan


草間 千枝 (長野県上田高等学校)
Current English Education at High School and Difficulty in Training English Writing and Speaking for University Entrance Exam    


国際連携・⾼⼤連携 ICT を⽤いた英語ライティング・スピーキング指導


赤堀 侃司 (東京工業大学名誉教授・日本教育情報化振興会理事長)


砂岡 和子 (早稲田大学名誉教授)


小林 幸江(東京外国語大学名誉教授)



○Second Language Acquisition Based on Learner Corpora of Japanese, English, Chinese and Arabic

   日本語・英語・中国語・アラビア語 学習者コーパス研究に基づく第二言語習得研究

“A Semantic and Cognitive Study of Goal Markers in Modern Chinese and its Pedagogical Implications”(ハーバード大学)

井上剛、Ehab Ebeid、佐野洋



○9th Workshop (2015) ~Brain Science and Second Language Acquisition: Cranial Nerves, Linguistics and Learner Corpora

【2015年度第9回ワークショップ】 ~脳科学と第二言語習得~ 脳神経言語学と学習者コーパス

2015-08-24 ―脳科学と第二言語習得― 脳神経言語学と学習者コーパス ポスター


The 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences (2015)

○国際ワークショップ 「卓越した外国語教育科学」(The 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Learning Science)

The 10th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics

○”The 10th international Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics”



○Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Elementary Level English Education Workshop: An Attempt at Project-based Foreign Language Activity and English Education

「東京外国語大学 小学校英語教育ワークショップ:プロジェクト型外国語活動・英語教育の試み」

Poster here


Video of the workshop


○Development of E-learning Systems Aimed at Learning Visualization and Diversification and Sophistication of Education (2013-2014 Ministry of Education funds)

「学習の可視化・多様化を指向したe-learning教育システムの開発と教育の高度化」 事業(平成25年度文部科学省特別経費)

On March 1st 2014, we held the international symposium “Language Education and Computer Science for Second Language Acquisition, e-Learning and Learners Corpora” with National Taiwan Normal University, through the support of “Development of E-learning Systems Aimed at Learning Visualization and Diversification and Sophistication of Education”, The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office. The symposium was attended by over 80 people, and there were lively discussions regarding the future of foreign language education and computer science.

2014年3月1日(土)「学習の可視化・多様化を指向したe-learning教育システムの開発と教育の高度化」の支援により、国立台湾師範大学と国際シンポジウム「外国語教育とコンピュータ科学:第二言語習得・e-learning・学習者コーパス」(Language Education and Computer Science for Second Language Acquisition,e-Learning and Learners Corpora )を公益財団法人交流協会・台北駐日経済文化代表処のご後援のもと、東京外国語大学で開催し、80名の参加者をお迎えし、外国語教育とコンピュータ科学の将来について、白熱した議論がおこなわれました。

Photos here


Using Technology to Enhance Language Learning and Research: An Omniform Approach of Learning, Teaching, and Assessment for Chinese as a Foreign
Language (國立臺灣師範大學)

Online L2 Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (國立臺灣師範大學)

The Development of Integrative Character-word Mandarin Teaching Strategy Based on Chinese Character Structure Database(國立臺灣師範大學)

An Introduction of TOCFL Computerized Test TOCFL 中国語能力検定試験

Developing Corpus-based Language Teaching and Learning Resources and Tools(國立臺灣師範大學)

Developing Teachers in Diffluence of Chinese Language and Character-based Teaching (國立臺灣師範大學)

The Development of Mobile Chinese Character Learning and Diagnostic System

「コーパス準拠のCEFR 基準特性に関する研究」Corpus-based research on criterial features for CEFR levels(東京外国語大学)

片山晴一・佐野洋・Caroline 狩野・Samuel Collins・Andrew Chen・望月圭子
Error Types of Japanese Learners Corpus of English and NTNU/ TUFS Online Dictionary of Misused English(東京外国語大学)

Error Types of Japanese Learners Corpus of Mandarin Chinese and NTNU/TUFS Online Dictionary of Misused Chinese(東京外国語大学)

インターネットを用いた言語教育の可能性Web 教材とリアルタイム通信-The possibility of language education via INTERNET-Web materials and real time communication-(東京外国語大学)



Hsin-hung Yeh (Harvard University)
On Error Types and Error Origins: Pedagogical Implications from Essays of Intermediate/Advanced Chinese Learners at Harvard University

On TUFS ‘Fullmoon’ Chinese Learners Corpora (Chinese)
On TUFS ‘Fullmoon’ Chinese Learners Corpora (Japanese)

Search Engine for Error Types in Chinese Learners Corpora (Japanese)