Online Dictionary of Misused English・オンライン英語誤用辞典

Online Dictionary of Misused English

  This English Learner Corpus consists of composition homework tasks dictionary use allowed) written by English majors and minors at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. The data has been corrected by members of staff whose native language is English.

  463 errors of the most frequent types, prepositions and articles, have been extracted, glossed and provided for use as an error dictionary.

  This Dictionary of Misused English has been assisted by the education division of the International Center for Japanese Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, in addition to receiving a Type B Research Grant (KAKEN) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science under the project entitled “Construction of a Japanese-English-Chinese Online Error Corpus and development of English, Japanese and Chinese language pedagogy taking into account learners’ native languages (2013-2015, representative: Keiko Mochizuki)”.

  With this assistance, the Dictionary has been constructed from corrected and error-tagged data comprising a corpus of English learners from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Taiwan National Normal University and Shanghai International Studies University.





この英語誤用辞典は、東京外国語大学国際日本研究センター国際日本語教育部門及び科学研究費 基盤研究(B) 英日中国語ウェブ誤用コーパス構築と母語をふまえた英語・日本語・中国語教授法開発(望月圭子代表2013年度-2015年度)の研究援助を得て、東京外国語大学・國立台灣師範大學・上海外国語大学の英語科の学習者コーパスに基づき、添削・誤用タグをつけて作成したものです。