Be sure to read the following Application Guide and Points to note.


At the time of application, we will assume that you have read and understood the Application Guide, Points to note, and the contents of the Program Outline.


*The application page will go live from the date of application opening.

必ずお読みください / Must-read

注意点/Points to note  

(募集終了 / Closed)2024年度4月採用 / (2024)April Application

募集要項/Application Guide ※2024年4月入学者/ Enter the doctoral program in the Apr 2024


(募集終了 / Closed) 2024年度4月追加採用 / (2024)April Add-Application

募集要項/Application Guide ※2022年度入学者/ Enter the doctoral program in AY 2022

募集要項/Application Guide ※2023年度入学者/ Enter the doctoral program in AY 2023


(募集終了/Closed)2023年度10月採用 / (2023)October Application

募集要項/Application Guide


(1)制度概要・趣旨/Purpose of the Program



Fellowship Program for Mastering Interdisciplinary Research for Advancing Innovation (MIRAI) Program is a comprehensive support program for doctoral students of the Graduate School of Global Studies to help them develop a new career path based on their own research interest, both in terms of strengthening their research skills and developing a career path.

(2)支給予定者数/Number of fellowships


Eight in AY(April:Seven persons October:One Person)

(3)支給詳細/Details of Financial Support



If you are approved as a fellowship students, you will be eligible to receive the following financial support. This financial support is available for three consecutive years from the date of admission.

*For students selected in October (enrolled in April), the payment period will be consecutive two and a half years. For additional applications, please check the payment period written in the application guidelines.

*The number of recipients, the amount of support, and the period of support may be subject to change depending on the status of the national budget.
However, in order to receive your support, you must meet the eligibillity and obligations of a scholar. *Please click here.

支給額/Allowance支給方法/Supply method注意点/Note

Living expenses (name: Support for devotion to research)


total 1,800,000 yen per year 

奇数月に30万円を支給 雑所得に当たりますので、確定申告が必要です。

You need to file a tax return.
(miscellaneous (sundry) incomes "Zatsusyotoku")


Research expenses (name: MIRAI research expenses)
*It will be paid to cover travel expenses, purchase of goods, etc.
to promote research.


total 200,000 yen per year 


The research expenses can be used from the beginning of every fiscal year.
However, it expenses must be kept and managed by the university.


The research expenses must be used in accordance with the university's regulations.
It must be used through the university's accounting division.
*It's not miscellaneous (sundry)incomes, so you don't need to file a tax return.


奨学生の資格/Eligibility of scholar

(1)申請時の資格(応募要件)/Eligible applicants



  1. 他の奨学⾦等 (⽇本学術振興会特別研究員、国費外国⼈留学⽣、留学⽣の場合は本国からの奨学⾦、独立行政法人日本学生支援機構の無利子奨学金に係る返還免除の認定等)の⽀援を受けている者。ただし、財団法⼈等による研究助成⾦の受給はこの限りではない。
  2. 本学や企業などから、生活費相当額として十分な水準で、給与・役員報酬等の安定的な収入を得ている者

Eligible applicants are TUFS Students who are to enter the doctoral program.

However, those meeting any of the following conditions are NOT eligible:

Conditions for revocation

・Students who are receiving or will receive other scholarships and fellowships, including Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Japanese government scholarships, or scholarships from a foreign government. This may not apply if the support that students are to receive is research grants and fellowships.

・Students with a stable income in the form of salary or officers' remuneration from TUFS, a company or other organization that provides sufficient funds to cover their living expenses.

(2)奨学生の認定取消/Revocation of scholar's eligibility


  1. 上記(1)の【認定除外となる条件】に掲げるいずれかの条件に該当することとなった場合
  2. 退学、転学又は除籍になった場合
  3. 懲戒処分を受けた場合
  4. 休学し、かつその後の経済的支援を辞退する場合
  5. その他奨学生として適当でない事実があった場合

The following conditions will result in the revocation of the fellowship. If your fellowship is revoked, you will not be able to receive your fellowship or any other benefits from this program.

  1. In the event that the conditions listed in each item of Conditions for revocation.
  2. *When the student has been expelled, transferred, or expelled from the school.*
  3. When disciplinary action has been taken.
  4. If the student takes a leave of absence and declines the fellowship.
  5. Other facts that make the student inappropriate as a fellowship recipient.

休学する場合/If you leave of Absence from School


Financial support can be temporarily suspended only in the case of a leave of absence for unavoidable reasons such as illness or study abroad, and can be resumed after the student returns to school.

However, you will no longer be eligible to receive financial support during the suspension period, and you will not be able to receive financial support for the suspension period after returning to school.

奨学生の義務/Obligation of scholar



    1. 別に定める研究計画書及び活動報告書の提出
    2. キャリア形成支援プログラム(MIRAIゼミ)への参加 


a) 本プログラムの活動に積極的に参加し新しい研究キャリア開拓に向けた挑戦に取り組むこと

b) 大学における共同研究活動への学生の参画を先導すること

- 東京外国語大学グローバルスタディーズ学会
- 四大学連合ポストコロナ社会コンソーシアム


- 1年間に少なくとも論文執筆1点あるいは学会発表1回
- 論文投稿︓『言語・地域文化研究』もしくは学外の学術雑誌
- 学会発表︓東京外国語大学グローバルスタディーズ学会もしくは学外の学会

d) 進捗の確認・報告

- メンターチームとの面談による進捗確認(年2回)
- 年度ごとの研究計画とそれに基づく研究活動報告

The following obligations are incurred by the scholar. Failure to fulfill these obligations will result in the suspension of your fellowship, so please be sure to fulfill them.

(From the regulations)

- Submit a research plan and activity report as specified separately.
- Participation in the Career Development Support Program(MIRAI seminar)

*MIRAI seminars are conducted in Japanese.

Specific examples are as follows:

(From the program outline on the university website)

a) To participate actively in the activities of this program and take on the challenge of developing a new research career.

b) To lead students' participation in joint research activities at the university.

c) Publication and dissemination of results

d) Confirmation and reporting of progress