Endowed Lecture by Dr. Sonia ROCCA "Mobile Language Learning and Teaching for the 21st Century Language Classroom"

講演日時 Day and Time

Tuesdays, November 9th , 2021, 5:30-7:30pm 

開催方法 Mode

Webinar in English

概要 Abstract

This lecture is mainly intended for language educators, present and future. It can be of interest to practitioners as well as researchers who are keen on harnessing the potential of technology-enhanced language learning and its impact on language teaching. The lecture will open with a quick overview of the role that technology has always had on language learning and teaching, but most importantly how current technological advancements have affected the way languages are learned and taught. Finally, I will outline a constructivist approach showing how digital resources can encourage students to interact in the target language and to acquire metalinguistic awareness as well as cross-cultural competence.

講師 Lecturer

Dr. Sonia ROCCA

Dr. Sonia Rocca is a Fulbright Scholar who is currently in Japan to complete the second segment of her 2020-21 Fulbright Global Scholar Award. Dr. Rocca has been a language educator for over a quarter of a century in three different countries. In her native country, Italy, she taught French and English; in Britain, she taught French and Italian, and currently she is teaching Italian at the Lycée Français de New York. She obtained a PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in the acquisition of a second language during childhood. She has collaborated with language teacher education programs nationally and internationally. She is the founding chair of MOBILLE International Conference - the first academic conference of its kind to be sponsored, organized and hosted by a preK-12 school - where researchers and practitioners would get together to share their experiences with technology in the learning and teaching of world languages.

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This lecture is organized by the research team of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN) B, “Developing a Teaching and Assessment System of English Speaking Skills Based on CEFR-J” with the cooperation of the Institute of Language Research at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, JAFLE, and MIRAI.

謝辞 Acknowledgement

フルブライト・プログラム Fulbright Program 本講演は、フルブライト・プログラムの支援により、ロッカ博士が無償で提供してくださるものです。

We would like to express our special thanks to the Fulbright Program for enabling this lecture endowed by Dr. Rocca.

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吉冨 朝子 yoshitomi.asako[at]tufs.ac.jp