【CAASユニット】Symposium Directions in Japanese Film Studies

日時 / Date & Time 

2019年5月18日(土)11:00~17:30 / 18 May 2019 (Sat.) 11:00~17:30

場所 / Venue 

本部管理棟2階 会議室(府中キャンパス)/ Conference Room (Administration Building, 2 Floor, Fuchu Campus)

ブログラム / Program

11:00-13:00: Panel 1/Q&A

1. Kyoko Omori (Hamilton College): Recreating the Silent Film Experience: Benshi, Movie Theaters, and Audience in Early Twentieth-Century Japan

2. Lauri Kitsnik (Kyoto University): The Birth of the Golden Week: Liberalism, Leisure and the Competing Adaptations of School of Freedom

3. Iris Haukamp (TUFS): You Can Succeed, Too! Economic High Growth, Social Competition, and International Trends in a 1960s Niche Genre

4. Hidaka Katsuyuki (Ritsumeikan University): Negotiating Sex, Bizarreness, and (De)Politics: Abe Sada in Films Today

14:00-15:30: Panel 2/Q&A

5. Paul Spicer (Hiroshima Jogakuin University): The Films of Kenji Mizoguchi: History, Tradition, and Culture

6. Joshua Smith (Director and Programmer Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival, London): Experimental and Avant-garde Films and the International Festival Circuit

7. Isolde Standish (SOAS London, TUFS CAAS Unit): Japanese Cinema: Neoliberal Economies of Production and the Death of the Auteur

16:00-17:30: Screening of three experimental short films and discussion

Your Voice Came Out Through My Throat (Yamashiro Chikako, 2009)

Desktop Treasure (Ummmi, 2014)

Looking for Jiro (Tina Takemoto, 2011)

使用言語 / Language 

英語 / English

対象 / Intended audience

学生、一般 / Students, open to the public

入場 / Admission 

無料、申込み不要 / Free, no preregistration required

主催 / Organized by 

大学院国際日本学研究院 CAASユニット / Institute of Japan Studies, CAAS Unit