Proceedings of the Papers, CAAS 3rd International Conference at SOAS


Toru AOYAMA (PDF 42.4KB)

Imaginative Migrations. Narratives of Otherness in the Egyptian Literature and Cinema
Delphine PAGES-EL KAROUI (PDF 525.8KB)

Muslims across Christian Chronicles of Imperial Ethiopia, from the Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century
Benjamin VOLFF (PDF 371.8KB)

Localization of the Other in the Indonesian Film "Opera Jawa": A Case of Telling a Ramayana Story in a Muslim Community
Toru AOYAMA (PDF 731.9KB)

Linguistic Vulnerability of a Female Maid: A Short-story Entitled "Maybe Not Yem"
Shiho SAWAI (PDF 173.5KB)

Portrayal of Others in Israeli and Palestinian Cinema: The Metaphorical Power Politics of Exclusion and Identification

Defining Identity in Relation to the 'Other' (Palestinians) in Novels Written in Hebrew by Palestinians of Israel
Sadia AGSOUS (PDF 257.5KB)

A Bridge over a "Wide and Deep Ocean"? Representing the Korean Minority in Japanese TV Dramas
Hilaria GOSSMANN (PDF 238.9KB)

The Japanese Media Representation of Chinese Residents in Japan: Asahi Shimbun in 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2009
Hiroko UMEGAKI (PDF 1.1MB)

Media Constructions of Okinawa as a 'Different Japan': A Postcolonial Struggle about Representation
Ina HEIN (PDF 275.8KB)

Representing the Lao as the Other: Luk Thung Morlam and Traditional Molam Music in Northeastern Thailand
Akiko HIRATA (PDF 271.3KB)

Representing Foreign Workers in Taiwanese Films: A Multicultural Lesson for the Taiwanese Audience?
Tan-Ying CHOU (PDF 295.8KB)

Hierarchies of Otherness: Racial Stereotyping in Inter-colonial Labour Migration and Military Expeditions

Rereading Kat? Sh?ichi: Japan's Modernity from 'Honyaku-' to 'Zasshu-bunka' and the Possibility of the Postwar Enlightenment Thought

Strangers at Home: An Account on Minority Film in the People's Republic of China
Eddie BERTOZZI (PDF 298.1KB)

Disciplining "Other" Singles: Deconstructing the State's Portrayal of an "Ideal" Single in Singapore
Johan SUEN, Xiang Ru Amy TAN (PDF 1.1MB)

A Chinese Table in Tokugawa Japan: Material Conventions and Cultural Representations in Nagasaki's Shippoku Ry?ri
Joshua Evan SCHLACHET (PDF 1.6MB)

The Road from Ainu Barbarian to Japanese Primitive: A Brief Summary of Japanese-Ainu Relations in a Historical Perspective
Noemi GODEFROY (PDF 384.5KB)

A Representation of India in the Early Edo Period of Japan
Takahiko ISHIZAKI (PDF 470.3KB)