Living Cost

How much money should I bring when arriving?

It depends on the student, however we recommend bringing about 110,000 JPY ~ 140,000 JPY in cash. Students have to cover their living expenses, for example, rent, utility fees, food expenses and so on.

Monthly living costs

Current average monthly living costs totals about 110,000 JPY ~ 140,000 JPY for students living in the TUFS International Residences. This breaks down as follows (estimates) -

Rent and Common Area Fees

(for single room)

Dormitory No.1: ¥32,000/month
Dormitory No.2: ¥31,000/month
Dormitory No.3: ¥46,000/month (+Key money ¥30,000*/move-in)
*: Students who will live in Dormitory 3 for more than 6 months are required to pay an additional key money which is a non-refundable administrative fee charged at the time of move-in. It will be automatically deducted from your bank account together with dormitory fee in one time on the first debit date.
Electricity Fees Approx.¥10,000
Water Fees Approx.¥2,000
Mobile Phone Fees Approx.¥5,000
Health Insurance Approx.¥1,000
Food Approx.¥50,000~¥60,000
Books / Other School Supplies Approx.¥5,000
Daily necessities Approx.¥10,000

Students who live in private apartments should expect to pay \50,000-\80,000 per month for rent, \50,000-\160,000 for moving-in expenses (key money, deposit, etc.), and 200,000- \300,000 for furniture and appliances. Student residing out of walking or bicycling range of the TUFS Campus also have to cover monthly commuting fees.

Student discounts

Degree students:
We issue a certificate of student discount.

Non-degree students:
We do not issue a certificate of student discount. Therefore you cannot benefit from it.

Bank account in Japan

You will need to open a bank account to your rent for your room in the TUFS International Residences, as well as for receiving scholarship payments or any income from part-time jobs.

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