[Message from the President] Re COVID-19 Vaccinations

June 25, 2021

To Everyone at TUFS:

I have two announcements regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

1. Vaccinations for everyone at TUFS

We will be offering vaccinations to all TUFS members (regular and exchange students, full and part time faculty and staff) as follows:

First inoculation: Tuesday, August 17, and Wednesday, August 18

Second inoculation: Tuesday, September 14, and Wednesday, September 15

Please note that this is one less day than originally planned for both inoculations.

Reservations for the above will be accepted from 6 am on Monday, June 28.

See below for instructions on how to reserve.


Other important information on the pandemic and vaccinations.


2. To those who reserved for early vaccination on Tuesday, July 6

Please be sure to read the information provided at the following link and prepare as instructed.


The July 6 vaccinations will be carried out at the Administration Building. Please enter the building at the first-floor security entrance[MS1] .

Thank you.


Kayoko Hayashi
President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies