For those who wish to receive COVID-19 vaccinations (Updated July 30, 2021)

Updated July 30, 2021
June 18, 2021

To Everyone at TUFS:

With the cooperation of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, TUFS has arranged for COVID-19 vaccinations for those who desire them as follows:

1st dose 2nd dose
Schedule (1) [closed] July 6(Tues)(Closed) August 3(Tues)(Closed)
Schedule A [canceled*] August 17(Tues)[canceled*] September 14(Tues)[canceled*]
Schedule B [canceled*] August 18(Wed)[canceled*] September 15(Wed)[canceled*]

* The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) informed us this afternoon that they will not be able to supply the vaccine for the university-based vaccinations scheduled for August 17 and 18 (the first round) and September 14 and 15 (the second round).We sincerely apologize to the students, faculty and staff who were scheduled to be vaccinated on these dates.

1. Schedule (1) vaccination

Registration has ended.

Should you wish to cancel, please contact as soon as possible.

2. Schedule A and B: Vaccinations for all TUFS members 

TUFS has arranged for vaccinations for all TUFS members as per sSchedules A and B.

3. Schedule A and B: How to register

Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis from 6 AM on Monday, June 28 to 23:59 on Tuesday, June 29. Both the first and second doses will be scheduled for the exact same times on Schedule A or B.

Example: If your first dose is for Tuesday, August 17 on Schedule A, your second dose will be on Tuesday, September 14 of the same Schedule A.

Example: If your first dose reservation is for 14:20 on Tuesday, August 17, your second dose will be administered at 14:20 on Tuesday, September 14.

NOTE: You cannot reserve your first and second doses on different schedules (i.e., if your first dose is on Schedule A, August 18, you cannot get your second does on Schedule B September 15.

Reservations can only be made through a TUFS account. Login to your TUFS account through Google and enter the required information on the reservation form.

Please note that the following information will be necessary for registration. You may register your request only once.

  • Your address registered at your local municipality
    (the address given on your certificate of residence)
  • Students: Confirmation is required of the consent of your parent/guardian (check the appropriate box).

4. Precautions

  1. The Moderna vaccine will be used.
  2. 2. The vaccination venue is the TUFS Fuchu Campus. The doctors providing the shots are from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
  3. You will need the vaccination voucher issued by your municipality. If you have already received the vaccination voucher, you are required to bring it with you on the day of the vaccination.
  4. You may receive the vaccination even if you have not yet gotten your voucher, but you must bring the voucher with you on the date of the 2nd dose. If you have still not received your voucher by that date, you must submit it to the university once you do receive it.
  5. Opportunities for COVID-19 vaccinations are gradually expanding in local municipalities, large-scale vaccination sites, and at workplaces. Please check on the vaccination opportunities available to you in your locality before applying to be vaccinated at TUFS. Once you reserve at TUFS, please do not also apply to be vaccinated elsewhere. As has been reported in the news, cancellations can lead to wasted vaccines.
  6. Vaccination is voluntary. Only those who register will be vaccinated. The vaccination program at TUFS is only meant for those who wish to be vaccinated and is not mandatory. TUFS members are not required to be vaccinated nor will you be treated disadvantageously in any way if you choose not to be vaccinated.
  7. The vaccination process is expected to take about 30 to 40 minutes.
  8. Those who register must get both the first and second dose. Once a reservation is made, the date and time cannot be changed.
  9. The vaccination is free of charge.
  10. On June 23, the government announced a temporary halt to requests for vaccination programs at workplaces and universities. TUFS has already submitted its application and had it accepted, but we are concerned that we may not get enough vaccines to fulfill our program. Should it be necessary to postpone or cancel, everyone who applies will be immediately notified.

5. Online registration

Reservations for vaccination will be accepted from 6 am, Monday, June 28 to 23:59, Tuesday, June 29. Apply through the link given below.

6. FAQs

Q: I tried to access the website but my access is denied.

A: Please make sure you are logging in with your TUFS account. If you are logging in with your personal account, please log out and try again with your TUFS account.

How to login to TUFS google account

Q: Why do I need my officially registered address to book a vaccine?

A:You will need the voucher issued by your municipality to get the vaccine at TUFS. This is why we need your official address too.

Q: I can get the vaccine on the first dose date but I have plans on the second dose date. What can I do?

A: In that case, please refrain from booking a TUFS vaccine and get your vaccination at your municipality.

Q: Who do I contact to cancel my reservation?

A: We ask you to refrain from canceling as the vaccine will be wasted. However, should you have a special reason why you need to cancel, please contact us at

Q: Where can I get information on the vaccination schedule and on precautions regarding the vaccine?

Information has been compiled here.
For those who have reserved for COVID-19 vaccination at TUFS.

TUFS Covid 19 vaccination team