Proceedings of the Papers, CAAS 7th Conference at TUFS



Nobuaki KONDO (610KB)

คนชายขอบ or Marginal People in Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Films
Theeraphong INTHANO (724KB)

Race Relations and Conversations as Hip-Hop Calls Out Anime In TweRk by Latasha N.Nevada Diggs
Lisa DEL SOL (734KB)

Crossing the Ethnic Boundaries: Diversity Promotion Effort of Museum Professionals in the United Kingdom
Wei LIN (897KB)

Effective Chinese/Japanese/English Pedagogy: Based on TUFS International Multilingual Learner Error Corpora
Keiko MOCHIZUKI (1,026KB)

Aspectual Compound Verbs in Japanese: From the Perspective of Aspectual Prefixes in Polish Village and City in Kenya
Agata KULIKOW (870KB)

Comparative Studies on Compound Verbs in Japanese and Korean―On the Possibility of the Existence of Aspectual Compound Verbs in Korean―
Jeonghee CHOI (995KB)

Learning Korean in an Illegal Immigration Setting in Seoul:A Case Study
Sara Torres SERVIN (658KB)

Identity Politics of Migrant Literature
―Focusing on a Persian-Dutch Writer, Kader Abdolah
Jihie MOON (707KB)

Japanese Folklore in Thai Modern Literature: The Intertextuality in Kon Kimono
Nobuaki KONDO (736KB)

16th Cent. Gujarati Navigation (2):
From Diu to Malacca and beyond (Portuguese and Indian Sources)

Quantitative Analysis on Migration and Development in South Asia
Teppei NAGAI and Sho SAKUMA (714KB)

The Partnership Dilemma between Japanese Government and NGOs in International
Development: Through "Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects" Implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Denka YANAGI (733KB)

Lessons from Foreign Women Professionals Working in Japan
Irina ROIBU and Irina-AURELIA Țiț (666KB)

The Nexus of Gender, Class and Generation
Christopher GERTEIS (706KB)

Around Boundaries: Everyday Interaction in a Lebanese Town
Akimitsu IKEDA (705KB)

Blurred Boundaries of Ethnicity: The Case of Muslims in Sri Lanka
K. A. Sandunika HASANGANI (738KB)

I Know Where I Belong: An Exploration of Notions of Home within the Igbo Identity
Chinonye Alma OTUONYE (670KB)

The Amendment of China's Administrative Litigation Law: Progress and Limitations
Eun Kyong CHOI (779KB)

Concept of Corruption from Cross-legal Perspectives with Special Reference to Korea, Brazil and Angola
Hee Moon JO (733KB)

From Coal Miners to Pneumoconiosis Victims: Recognition Processes of Occupational
Diseases and Shifting Labor Identities
Bernard THOMANN (692KB)

Critically (In)effective? Ai Weiwei on the European Refugee Crisis
Aurelie van't SLOT (1,098KB)

New African and Asian Migrations in Brazil: Issues on Identities and Racism

The Conflicts beyond the Border and their Resolution between Russia and the Qing China
Jin NODA (864KB)

From the Colony to the Metropol and Back: The Travel of Discursive Crowd
Ahmed DARDIR (734KB)

Korea-Gulf Relations and an Iranian Factor
Jeongmin SEO (705KB)