Our Activities

The Major Pillars of Our Activities


We try to help find solutions for problems that individual students or the group cannot resolve on their own, such as introducing volunteer interpreters for languages that the students do not cover. In addition, we also provide basic financial support for volunteer activities, and we are establishing a help desk to assist our students with troubles that arise during their participation in these activities.

Carrying Out Educational Training

Educational training will be carried out for student participants to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for volunteer activities, with the aim of securing high-quality volunteer services. The major language needs in Japan today are Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, and English, all of which are major courses within our university. Furthermore, we have been promoting research on Japanese language teaching methods for foreign children. Through our educational training program, students can acquire foreign language skills and cross-cultural understanding, as well as counseling skills and knowledge of the elementary and junior high school curriculums in Japan. A training certificate is issued to students who complete the program requirements.

Offering Various Courses to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding

In many cases, the lack of understanding by local community members is a major cause of the problems experienced by foreign children. In order to create warm and welcoming environments where foreign children can fit into local communities smoothly without having to feel alienated, our center offers various courses for local communities aiming for more global and cross-cultural understanding.

Courses on topics such as Cross-Cultural Understanding or foreign languages are offered for Japanese people, and courses on Japanese Language and Culture/Society are offered for foreigners. The Center hopes to foster personnel required in our modern society where people of various linguistic and cultural backgrounds are living together and having increasing contact.

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