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Activity Reports

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Comparative Japanese Culture Division:Seminar "Historical Significance of Physiocracy/Peasantism:Past and Present"(17th March 2017)

Physiocracy/Peasantism developed as a counter-ideology to industrial society and capitalism during the inter-war industrial revolution. Masao MARUYAMA regarded it as a hotbed of nationalism and Japanese fascism. The three speakers addressed this important and problematic theme with their own individual theories: the inheritance of pathos in physiocracy (Michiaki TSUNAZAWA); the critical positioning of physiocracy research in the context of "bottom-up" history (Kyoko NOMOTO); "agricultural ideology" under globalization and physiocracy's potential (Masaya IWASAKI).

Professor Masaya IWASAKI

Professor Michiaki TSUNAZAWA

Professor Kyoko NOMOTO

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