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Activity Reports

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ICJS "Contrastive study for Japanese and other languages" The 21th Research Seminar(4th March 2017)

14:00-17:45, Saturday, 4 March 2017
Room 115 (Conference room, the Institute of Language Research) 1F,
Research and Lecture Building, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Fuchu Campus)

Lecturer:Masaaki YAMANASHI(Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University)
Speakers:Takayuki MIYAKE, Toshihide YAMANAKA(TUFS)

Takayuki MIYAKE presented a corpus-based survey of the use of the adjectives jiǎndān and róngyì from a cognitive linguistics paradigm. Also making reference to adjectives in English and Japanese, he examined the conditions for a "profile shift" whereby adjectives change from describing a temporary evaluation of a movement or action to that of a perpetual property. In summary, increased constancy of evaluation prompts property readings. In a lecture entitled "The 'slippery' nature of language structure - a focus on the word unit" , Toshihide NAKAYAMA showed the difficulties in determining the status of a word and recording grammar in language research, and offered a new usage-based view of grammar. Masaaki YAMANASHI (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; Professor, Kansai Gaidai University) spoke on "A view of cognitive linguistics - a new revolution in language science" . Professor Yamanashi has observed the history of cognitive linguistics since before its birth. He explained the transition of cognitive science into linguistics, summarized the research field of cognitive linguistics, and provided a general view of the relation between cognitive ability and linguistic phenomena. He also offered proposals for how language research should continue as a sustainable discipline.

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