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[Report] Stellenbosch University delegation visited TUFS

We have hosted the delegation of Stellenbosch University on 12th December 2022.
Three members from Stellenbosch University International visited TUFS, who are Mr.Robert Kotze(Senior Director), Mr.Kirwan Adam(Coordinator: Multilateral Collaboration & Information Management | Unit for Partnerships) and Ms.Sarah Richmond (Senior Programme Manager: Unit for Global Education I Centre for Global Engagment).

They exchanged views with Prof.Matsukuma(vice president), Prof.Takeuchi(ASC director), Dr.Kumashiro (IAfP Coordinator) and Ms.Miyashita(Office Chief of Office for International Affairs) on inter-university exchanges and the building inter-university networks between Japan and Africa.

A Stellenbosch University Briefing session was also held for TUFS students and faculty to promote inter-university and student exchanges (18 participants).

In the afternoon, we held an online meeting with Kyoto University, a domestic partner university of IAfP, and deepened discussions on building a network between universities of Japan and Africa.

Lastly, with the cooperation of the Student Exchange Division, the delegation participated a campus tour that took them through student dormitories, the school cafeteria, the library and Research and Lecture Building.

We hope that exchanges between TUFS and Stellenbosch University, as well as between Japanese and African universities, will continue to flourish.

SU briefing


Online meeting with Kyoto University

Campus tour (Student Exchange Division)


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