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[Photo Report] By Patrick from PIASS②

Here is the Study in Japan report from Patrick Muhirwa who started his program from September 2022.

How is Like Starting New year in Japan



Trip to NIIGATA; The World of Snow

I was very much curious to know how is like to start new year in Japan. On 31st the realization of my interest commenced with a friends call [Rei San] who has been in Rwanda as exchange student inviting me to join his family on a new year seasonal trip to NIIGATA. We had enjoyed immensely together and to me in particular experienced a lot. I have been crossing over this particular decoration during this time and while at this trip got to know that this is the Japanese best decoration of the new year. It was really nice making such interactions and courage me to practice little Japanese I knew.

Big thanks to Rei San and his great Family for memorable time at NIIGATA.

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