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[Photo Report] By Amissi from PIASS ②

Here is the poem by Amissi from Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences. The theme of the poem is four seasons of Japan.

I am Amissi Nababuya Christelle, I love writing poems! I am so grateful to have come to Japan… I am glad because I spent 10 months learning not only in the academic perspective but also in the social and cultural perspective. The most beautiful part is the experience I had during fall, winter, spring and summer; which is totally different to the dry and rain season in my home country. An amazing and unforgettable moment spent in Japan, my pleasure is to express my gratitude to everyone who participated massively to make me feel loved and supported.


The season has finally come, the amazing September to November!
Let us enjoy the season of crops and harvest, a moment to remember.
The season that hosts celebrations, the preparation for joy and peace,
Remember determination and hardworking are helpful for greatness;
But what are we really harvesting? The joy comes always in the morning!
Remember what you reap what you sow. Does this have any warning to us?
Well, Autumn reminds us that we should not give up but being determined!
Celebration always comes after a huge sacrifice given and really appreciated.
Autumn said it might seem hard and sometimes confusing but never give up.
It is time to prove our determination, it is our time to shine and being focused.






The heavy snow that defines the beauty of nature
The freezing temperatures that bring wind chill
The cold that is extremely acknowledged by many;
The season of great thinking and powerful ideas,
Calming the soul and make the goals happened;
The season of the future and the early great vision
Winter is an alarm not to get distracted or
To get disturbed by the cold but to learn,
The shape of the future starts today not tomorrow!
winter is really a great alarm.
The cold can challenge sometimes but
It is beneficial and really amazing!
Winter, a powerful alarm and
A sign to remain strong and joyful.




Hope has finally taken the soul
The smell of flowers appreciated;
The impossible has no meaning again,
hope has been revived, happiness,
has found its comfortable zone;
Spring comes to install peace and joy,
Spring brings the true hope needed;
The season of a beautiful nature and,
It is the amazing Sakura and festivals!
March to May, the true meaning of hope.






Hello Summer, an amazing season!
Excessive warm weather makes it
More interesting and enjoyable.
Hello June, July and warm August
The beaches are so refreshing and
Bring relaxation! No wasting time…
Summer reminds us to relax but still
Focused? But how is it possible?
The future is waiting for us!
Summer repeats again our contribution
To greatness and successful future!




Amissi Nababuya

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