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[Report] Africa Seminar has finished


We have conducted the Africa seminar on 3rd Aug, 31st Aug, 25th Oct and 27th Oct.

It was held for the purpose of brushing up graduation thesis master’s thesis and doctoral thesis on Africa. 7 students participated as a presenter and 13 students as observers. We invited Professor Scarlett Cornelissen from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) as a commentator. Two visiting researchers of Africa Studies Center and four faculty members as IAfP have participated in this Seminar.

Date and Time:
Hybrid   3rd Aug, 31th Aug 13:00-14:30
Online   25th Oct, 27th Oct 18:00-19:30

1st Seminar
1.About Africa Seminar
3.Order of the presentations
4.How to write a paper (by Prof. Cornelissen)

2nd Seminar
1.Matsuri Nakamura (B4) “Transformation of Dividing System in Johannesburg”
2.Juri Hanada (M2) “Is Only Development of Local Administration the Core of Building Sustainable Peace? :The Examination of the Peacebuilding Process by the Case Study of Northern Uganda”

3rd Seminar
1.Riho Watanabe (B4) “Mind Liberation by Wearing Clothes Through Sape”
2.Yuka matsubara (M1) “The Dynamisms for Achieving Peace Agreement and Implementing it: From the Case of Sierra Leone”
3.Takehisa Toyosaka (M2) “The Refurbishing process of E-waste at the ‘Computer Village’ in Nigeria: the case study of ‘Tokunbo business'”

4th Seminar
1.Ryohei Shiozaki (M1) “Rethinking “Life”: Collections of Stories from Mozambican Migrants in Portugal”
2.Dorthea Nanghali Etuwete Shiningayamwe (D1)”An Analysis on the Implementation Gaps of the Namibian Education Sector Policy for the Prevention and Management of Teenage Pregnancy”


Faculty members:
Professor Scarlett Cornelissen (Stellenbosch University)
Professor Kweku Ampiah (University of Leeds), Professor Evariste Fongzossie (University of Duala)
Professor Takeuchi, Prefessor Sakai, Professor Oishi, Professor Kumashiro


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Report of 1st and 2nd seminar on IAfP HP



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