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[Report] A TUFS student has started the exchange program at UNZA (Zambia)

Ayu Hirakawa, a third-year of the School of International area studies African major at TUFS, started her exchange program at the University of Zambia from 15th Feb. 2023.

Message from Ayu

Hello, my name is Ayu Hirakawa, a third-year student in the school of international and area studies.
From February 2023, I started an exchange program at University of Zambia. My major is Africa, so I have learned about Africa, but I didn’t know real life of them. In this exchange program, I’d like to see real life in Zambia. In addition, I will learn economics and development studies with students who carry Zambia on their shoulders at university. It is helpful to think about future of Africa. Thorough this experience, I’d like to see and understand deeply about developing countries.
Thank you for all people who support this exchange program.

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